William James Lunn

William was born on 2nd January 1862 in the bustling metropolis that was Victorian era London. A place far removed from the clear and gentle chalk-streams of southern England.   He was the fifth child of Charles and Eliza Lunn … Read More

Alfred Walter Lunn

“Like father, like son” is a common enough expression, but seldom does a son, who follows the same calling, enhance the reputation of an already illustrious father. Alfred, better known as “Alf”, was born on 8th August 1897 in Houghton. … Read More

Mick Lunn

Born in Houghton on 14th February 1926, Alf and Sally had naturally christened their son Valentine. But by the age of seven he had shaken off any embarrassment his christened name might have caused him, when he earnt for himself … Read More