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Yellow Boy, Winged

The Lunn’s Yellow Boy invented in July 1917, as an imitation of the pale watery spinner (Baetis inoculates cenroptilum Luteolum). There are two patterns: one hackled and one winged with the wings lying flat. John Waller Hills records in his book River Keeper, published 1934: “Lunn has found that they go by the seasons, in some years the hackled and in others the spent copy being better.” The Yellow Boy catches fish from mid-June onwards especially on early fine evenings.

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Pattern is as follows:
Hackle, light buff cock hackle.
Wings, light buff cock hackle-points put on flat.
Tail, pale buff.
Body, white hackle-stalk dyed medium yellow.
Tying silk, Pearsall’s gossamer, pale orange, shade 6.
Hook, oo (size 16).


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