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Houghton Ruby

The Lunn’s Houghton Ruby an imitation of the female iron-blue spinner, one of the trouts most favourite meals. The ruby in truth was William’s second attempt at copying a spent iron-blue. His first attempt, christened Lunn’s fancy, while liked greatly was replaced in 1917 by the better Houghton Ruby. It is a fine example of what makes Lunn’s flies so special, sitting as it does in the upper film of the water with it’s broad wings laid out defining the shape of the natural perfectly from the trout’s view-point.

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Pattern is as follows:
Hackle, bright Rhode Island red hackle.
Wings, two light blue-dun hen tips from the breast or back set on flat.
Tail, three fibres from white cock hackle.
Body, Rhode Island hackle-stalk dyed with red and crimson.
Tying silk, Pearsall’s gossamer, shade 13.
Hook, oo (size 16).


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